Hostess with the Mostess

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I am creating a game in response to the recent bankruptcy of the Hostess Company. It will consist of a start page, a game page, and a game over page. The start page will describe the main objective of the game to the user. The game page will have a shelf of a grocery store where the user is given a certain time limit (I haven’t decided how much time yet) to catch the hostess products (Twinkies, cupcakes, and donuts) falling off of the shelf with the shopping cart. The user will use the right and left arrow keys to control the movement of the shopping cart, and I will use collision detection to keep track of how many products the user has caught.

The game over page will simply show how many endangered hostess products they saved and a button to play again. After I get the basic functionality of this game working I am thinking of adding hostess boxes to also fall from the shelf that will give the user more time on the clock if caught. There is no way to necessarily “win” this game, rather the user competes with his own score and tries to increase the number of products he saves each time until the time runs out.

(I just took screen shots of my mockups since my trial had expired from using this last year in the Web Design class)



River Challenge

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This assignment was more challenging than I anticipated. After going through the first part in class, I felt confident enough that I would be abe to get through the second half without any major issues. However, as I sat down to try and finish it, it took much longer than I thought. It wasn’t until I started to implement the victory conditions into the code. I knew exactly how I needed to do this part, but for some reason after I used if statements to determine whether the player wins or loses the outcome that I wanted wouldn’t work. For example, every time I moved the wolf up to the north side to test and see if the “goose will eat the cabbage” by using trace statements it would somehow influence the output message of where the cabbage was, saying that it was on the north side even though I hadn’t even touched it.  It seems that after I placed these if statements the code was somehow  getting confused of where the movie clips were on the stage. I also wasn’t completely sure under which event listener I should place the victory code, because even though the instructions said to enter it into the ENTER_FRAME event, I found that it also worked within the onKeyboardEvent. I know that the ENTER_FRAME event fires 26 frames per second to listen for different things to happen, but wouldn’t it get confused with all the if statements and what exactly is being called first because it runs through so many times? After looking over other peoples code to see if there was any significant difference in how they implemented the victory conditions, I was unable to fix this problem and decided to continue on to the next part of the assignment.

Now the next part I needed to add the alligator enemy and implement a collision detection for every time the  farmer touched the alligator. I was able to get the collision detection part of it working, but I used the Air Raid assignment as a guide to make the alligator move back and forth across the screen just like the airplanes, but I kept getting an error for calling an undefined property. I’m almost certain that I defined each variable for the alligator, so I’m at a dead end at this point because it is affecting everything else from initiating in the game. Hopefully I’m just overlooking silly errors, but I’ve worked on this all week and still have not been able to figure it out. Other than this I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving went well! So much good food to ease the stress from not being able to get this game to work!

Right now this is all that’s showing on the screen because of the error I have with the alligator!!

Here is a screenshot without the alligator code! The output text box worked before implementing the victory conditions. Now, when the wolf is dropped on the North side of the river, it automatically assumes the cabbage is also on the North side.  

AirRaid: Part 2

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Here’s a screenshot of when the player finally runs out of bullets. The problem is that the gun and airplanes still appear on the stage.

This assignment was kind of difficult to understand, simply because of the organization of  the instructions in the Actionscript 3.0 book. Like I said in the previous post, I was just doing as it told me to, following each of the steps. However, I was unable to test the code throughout the creation of the code, so it was more difficult to detect errors at the end of the section. I was also unable to figure out why my delete plane function seemed to not be working, because after the gun ran out of bullets the gun and the airplane should be removed from the stage. I rewrote my code exactly like the one in the book, and I was able to trace in my AirRaid.as file where the code seemed to be stopping. It appeared as though it would get stuck in my checkForHits function, but I couldn’t tell what it was. Maybe someone could take a look at my code and see if it was something small I overlooked.

AirRaid Assignment

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Here’s a screenshot of the first part of the assignment, with the explosion effect.

After completing this assignment from the Actionscript 3.0 Game Programming Universitybook, I was able to get everything except I kept getting “Reference error #1069: Property removePlane not found on AirRaid and there is no default value.” I could not figure out what it was even after adjusting each the highest possible x position

Here’s a screenshot of the reference error I keep getting!

on the Airplane.as file. But even with the reference error, the animation seems to be working properly. Other than this I felt as though I was just going through the steps that the book was telling me, and I won’t be able to tell how well I grasped the material until I try a project similar to this on my own.


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Here’s a screenshot of the my assignment after I click the “Insanity” button!

Overall I think this assignment went by relatively smoothly. I did not encounter any major issues because I felt that it was easy to use the framCount event listeners because they are so similar to the event listeners we have been using all semester. I can see how calling a frame event listener within another function can help keep things organized and easier to read or edit, but I don’t completely understand why we can’t just put this all within the function. Or maybe I just don’t have  a clear understanding of what exactly the frame event listener does. As for the insanity button, what I did was use a setInterval that I looked up how to use on the Internet. We did something similar to this with the randomHeroes assignment a while back. The setInterval method was really easy to use and worked well even though I think there’s probably an alternative way to make the star show up repeatedly on the screen.

Letter Madness

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See how the output box displays the entire range of numbers the letterCount goes through?

Initially, this assignment was relatively easy to understand until I got to dealing with the for loop. I’m still not entirely confident on creating a for loop on my own, but I know if I just practice it a bit more I’ll get the hang of it. One of the problems I ran into at first is for some reason after I created my for loop in my original coding file, the loop would not execute. Perhaps there was some extra code that I didn’t notice from my previous attempts to try a count the number of instances of each letter (and trust me, I tried multiple approaches before I got to the for loop). So I just decided to restart from scratch and created an entirely new .as file for the assignment. And one other problem I ran into at the very end had to do with the letterCount. The number of instances of each letter was correctly displayed the first time clicked, but once a second letter was clicked it just gave me the total number of instances of both  letters. This ended up being because I needed to set the letterCount to zero after the loop was executed. One thing I don’t really understand is when the letterCount is displayed in the output box, it displays every single number from 1 to however many instances the letter has. Why does it only display on the swf file the total number?

Strings Strings Strings

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Here’s a screenshot of my passage split into an array!

So this assignment I think was much less tedious than the previous ones, especially since there was no need to create new variables for every little thing. I love how its so much easier to adjust the properties of the string just right there directly on the string. It makes the code look so much cleaner and shorter. However, the one challenge I had during this assignment was just getting the format down correctly for some of the properties, and finding the right property to achieve the desired outcome. I had some trouble with creating the outputPassage into an array simply because after converting the string into an array I forgot to convert it back to a string. Also, I found the API reference for Adobe Actionscript 3.0 very helpful as it listed each of the properties of strings and how to use them. This was especially helpful for me because when I started the assignment I didn’t have my Actionscript 3.0 book with me, so it really provided much needed information in order to complete the assignment. Other than that the assignment went relatively smoothly, with only a few errors that were quickly resolved!


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Here’s a screenshot of my final project. Foolish is exactly how I felt after figuring out my mistake.

This assignment was intimidating at first, but once it’s broken up into step by step of what needs to be done it all becomes a lot much easier. Initially I try and have an idea of what needs to be done for the entire project, but this time I just took it one step at a time and figured each one out. The only real problem I had was with the click count which ended up being a really silly mistake on my part as the output textbox field was too small that the numbers weren’t being displayed because they didn’t fit! So I spent the majority of the day trying to figure that one out, and it turned out to be something so small. But other than this I didn’t really have too many problems.

MadLib Game

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Here’s a screenshot of my final MadLib project!

This Mad Lib assignment wasn’t too bad because a lot of the programing was based off of the Magic Eight Ball assignment. I was doing both of these projects simultaneously, so once I figured out the problems for the Magic Eight Ball assignment I was able to complete the Mad Lib assignment. This assignment however had much more coding because I used multiple arrays. The only issue I seemed to have was again with the arrays, as the first time the user creates a Mad- lib, the first random item in each array comes out null. After that however, it seems to work perfectly fine. I figured that I had made the same mistake that I had with the Magic Eight Ball Assignment, but after checking over the code, I assigned the correct randomNumbers to each array. That was the only thing I didn’t figure out but it seemed to only happen the first time the game is opened. In addition to this, I wish I would have spent more time on creating a more unique and original Mad- Lib, but I got too caught up on fixing the arrays! Other than that, this assignment went relatively smoothly, especially with the help of the Magic Eight Ball assignment!

Magic Eight Ball Game: Round 2

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Here’s a screenshot of my final project!

I re-tried tackling the Magic Eight Ball assignment again and it was a lot easier to complete when your not frustrated and tired. The only issue I came across with this assignment was that my output text box wasn’t showing the users input text (like the name and question). What I was doing wrong was placing the code out of order, as the computer reads each line in a sequence, so the order of each line of code is crucial. Another problem I ran into was that the array appeared to work, except sometimes the randomAnswer sent out an error message that said the parameter text must be non-null. What I was doing wrong here was that my randomNumber was too high for the number of items I had in the array. Other than this I didn’t encounter any other problems!

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